WTC is a Fastener Specific Technology Company. We have worked in warehouses across the country bringing new/current technology to all aspects of the Fastener Workflow.

Walk into their corporate offices and you will find 3 generations of the same family working away. Serving as an Army Officer during the Vietnam War, Thomas J White Jr and his wife, now of 55 years, gave birth to his first of 4 children. Professionally, a love of technology was created for Tom while working 8 years in a “Thinktank” for the Xerox corporation as they created and tested SAAS business tools and internet network solutions all within their business cloud, (1970’s) Personally, the love of his family would produce a deep passion to tie them together. At a young age, each sibling would join the working class in one of Dad’s businesses. Over the next decades family and business would continue to thrive across different ventures and industries. The entire group is part of Tom’s legacy. A legacy where family comes first, love, and business are all just part of life. WTC is the culmination of one man’s vision made possible through a family’s vision to eat, sleep, and yes WORK together.

After over 50 years of computer innovation, technology, and information systems management Tom began a quest in the Fastener Industry. Specifically, Tom directed technology for Porteous Fasteners. While at Porteous, Tom would meet and work with Will Snyder. Soon they would find Porteous was at the end of their long successful legacy, but Tom and Will were just about to create their own. The necessity, for a Fastener Industry specific IT Company, was very clear. Together, Will and Tom would create WTC IT Services, LLC. The family legacy would closely follow as members begin to occupy board seats, executive positions, and the remaining backbone of the company. While many companies seek out a 5-to-10-year plan, WTC’s notion of “Family Legacy” produced the “100-year plan.” A company where future generations from Tom and “Uncle” Will could thrive and provide valuable IT Services.

Tom White - Partner

Will Snyder - Partner

Will Snyder - Partner

For 2023, WTC continues to position itself as a technology leader in the Fastener Market. WTC’s focus on the Fastener Industry encompasses the bulk of its partnerships. To further the commitment to the industry, WTC is a proud member, sponsor, and committee leader for Pac-West. Membership in NFDA became a given as WTC’s footprint now reaches the East Coast. At its core, WTC is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) that understands ALL aspects of the Fastener Business, providing a bundled total package approach to its services. For all things IT, clients enjoy one call and one contact for everything in the technology spectrum. A large focus on security in today’s malicious culture is at the heart of our services. Security is survival for WTC and its clients. Desktop, Network, VOIP, Hardware, Infrastructure, Security, and Cloud management is just a basic list of what encompasses the WTC IT Services menu. For more information, feel free to contact our family. We will treat you as another valuable member.